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Cuddly toys should not be missing in any child's room!

10 Apr 2023
Cuddly toys should not be missing in any child's room!

All children especially love a cuddly toy. It is gently held in the arm when falling asleep. Even as babies, they hold them tightly in their little hands. The soft surface gives the little ones security. You received the stuffed animal as a gift from your parents or other adults. Now it accompanies the children through their lives. Many take the stuffed animals to kindergarten. Even when they start school, some school beginners don't want to leave it at home. The stuffed animals give the children security and confidence. With them, the experiment "life" can be mastered.

Plush toys for babies

Many parents buy their first stuffed animal right after birth. The little hands explore the surface of all things. Everything is put in the mouth and also explored with the lips and tongue. That is why it is very important that the plush toys are manufactured safely. It must not be possible to detach any small parts from the stuffed animal. The eyes of the stuffed animals are therefore often embroidered. The ears or arms must also be firmly attached to the body. Clothing buttons also pose a risk. All these small parts they can solve while exploring. If they are then put in the mouth, they can be swallowed. The substance must be harmless. chemicals and pesticides are very dangerous for the baby. It makes sense if the plush toys for the very young children can be machine washed. baby toys .

Children of all ages love stuffed animals

As the children get older, they no longer put the stuffed animals in their mouths. Now comes the age when they play with it. The WWF makes a whole collection of different animal species. A large number of different stuffed animals then offers the opportunity to populate an entire zoo. From the age of three, the little ones treat their friends with care. You take them to bed or even to kindergarten. Sometimes several children meet to play. Now big and small cuddly toys meet. The children equip their own stuffed animal with a special cloth or ribbon so that the same WWF stuffed animals cannot be confused. When the little ones get to school age, they play less often with the stuffed animals. Nevertheless, they continue to be carefully preserved. Even in the teenage years, individual favorite animals are still kept in the room.

Plush toys as collectibles

Many adults buy large stuffed animals. They are displayed in the apartment for decoration. Small and special specimens can even be presented in a showcase. In order for a collection to be worthwhile, it is important to buy a quality plush toy. The WWF is always making new animals. It is therefore worthwhile for collectors to check regularly whether a new specimen has been released.

What makes plush toys important for children?

The favorite stuffed animal provides security. If the caregivers leave, the plush toy provides the necessary security. As a substitute for the parents, it ensures a peaceful sleep. It takes on an odor of its own. This gives the peace that is needed for a restful night's sleep. If you spend the night without parents for the first time, the plush toy will certainly be taken with you. It makes homesickness bearable. It symbolizes home. In this way, the child can become increasingly independent. Some stuffed animals have a special meaning. Dream Eaters devour bad dreams or thoughts. The children fall asleep more calmly when the corresponding stuffed animal is lying next to them.

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