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The Best Children's Life Jacket

01 Jul 2023
The Best Children's Life Jacket

Play it safe with the children's life jacket

When the sun shines, the life jackets are laid out and off you go to the enticing sea, bathing lake, river or swimming pool. The successful mixture of speed, risk and fun in the water ensures a mighty surge of adrenaline both in the yacht and when out and about in a kayak, while surfing and water skiing. For some, the question arises as to which children's life jacket or swimming aid is the most suitable?

The color of the children's life jacket should be clearly visible

Buoyancy vests are particularly visible when they are red, orange, pink, neon green or yellow. On the other hand, they are not very noticeable in the water if they are blue, dark green or gray in color. This is important when looking for children in the water.
There is the Confidence children's life jacket with buoyancy inserts, e.g. B. in eye-catching red-yellow for boys and bold pink-blue with dots for girls, made of neoprene, polyamide and elastane. They can be worn from 1 1/2 to three years.

What types of swimming aids are there?

Protective vests, which increase buoyancy towards the water surface, are available for little ones from the age of three months as well as for adult non-swimmers. Furthermore, among children up to the age of ten there are always some who are not good swimmers! That is why there are many swimming aids on offer that ensure plenty of bathing fun with buoyancy aids. In addition to children's life jackets, there are also swimming seats, rings, wings, discs, belts, boards, noodles, cushions and rungs. They help to take stable positions on the water surface. This calms the parents and the little ones alike

The safety classes of swimming aids

Strong currents can occur in the ocean and rivers. The surf waves in the sea also have enormous power. Overexertion or cramps can also be dangerous. This also applies to small children in a pool. Therefore, constant supervision and information by adults is necessary.
‚Äď Class A includes e.g.¬†B.¬†Swimming rings¬†for little ones, from six months.¬†And swimming seats for babies from eleven to 16 kilograms, i.e. up to three years.¬†They help babies and anyone who lacks the strength to move in the water by their own effort.
‚Äď Class B includes armbands that can be attached to the arms, from the age of one.¬†They are available for inflation, with tightly sealed air chambers, or as neoprene armbands with plastic cushions.¬†As well as swimming belts with Styrofoam parts, up to twelve years.¬†Likewise life jackets with several air or solid foam pads.
‚Äď Class C includes swimming boards and noodles for four to five year old who can already swim.

EN 13138-1 confirms that a swimming aid has been produced according to European safety standards, taking age, weight and material quality into account. On the other hand, EN 71 applies to pool noodles, swimming animals, air mattresses, etc., i.e. the safety of toys. Because they do not belong to the three swimming aid classes! Since they can be grabbed with hands, arms and legs, they are ideal for romping about happily. Buoyancy aids from Bema have been repeatedly rated as good by Stiftung Ware test.

Life jackets are more specialized than life jackets

However, life jackets are suitable for warming and saving from drowning.¬†They are therefore part of the safety equipment on cruise ships, sailing ships, canoes, kayaks, dinghies, etc. They are also popular when fishing, surfing, water skiing, rafting, on a sailing regatta, etc.¬†The robust, tear-resistant life jackets dry quickly.¬†They consist of either skin-friendly neoprene or a light plastic mix.¬†Airplanes also carry resilient life jackets with them as part of their safety equipment as they fly over seas and lakes.¬†However, life jackets often turn the swimmer into a supine position ‚Äúunconscious‚ÄĚ.

Swimming aids provide a lot of fun with their buoyancy support. They relieve the parents, because nobody can carry their child in their arms all the time, even in the water! If children are put on them intermittently, and sometimes not, they quickly develop the necessary muscles and body awareness to swim independently.


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